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Why we blog; kind of like why we ride

March 11th, 2008 · 1 Comment

Someone asked me the other day why I blogged. I hemmed and hawed and didn’t really have an answer. It goes with the other question, “Why do you ride?” Ah, not so fast! They’re surely not from the same root! Maybe, maybe not.

I’ll get to the blogging point in a minute, but I have just finished reading a book by Melissa Holbrook Pierson called “The Perfect Vehicle”. She has this to say about that.

The world reliably divides into two neat portions depending along which axis you skewer it. Those who do, those who don’t; those who would love to, those who would never dream of it if they had all eternity. See how fast the two halves split and fall away when yo mention you ride a motorcycle. Side one: Really? Oh, I’ve always wanted to ride one! Side two: Really? It’s so dangerous.

And later . . .

Those who harp on danger are perhaps more to be feared than anything they target. We are, as a nation, in the midst of an explosion of fear. In obsessing about it, we embrace it. We promise ourselves rest once all danger–from products not dressed in layers of tamper-proof plastic or from the top steps of ladders or from the winter flu–has been anticipated, addressed, and put down forever. But I could tell you something about how fear never lets you rest, how prolifically inventive, how colonizing of a previously unowned area, how wasting fear is, particularly at night. And soon it will own the day too.

The Perfect Vehicle

Melissa Holbrook Pierson. W. W. Norton & Company 1998, Paperback, 240 pages, $7.07

Why we ride is to celebrate that we are alive. Why we blog is to leave a record of our celebration. Too much? Sometimes we ride just to get there? It’s just a bike for chrissakes? Maybe. I think you need to go ride some more and get back to me.

I got off on this tangent when a friend of my daughter sent me some links to two of his trip blogs (he’s getting ready to go on another). These are warm, witty, colorful records of good and proper motorcycle journeys. Not just trips. They’re worth pawing through.

MotoSlow 2006 - Kevin, Dave and Zena take 30 days to travel across the US on old, slow motorcycles with the occasional night of Lindy Hop dancing..

MotoLindy Europe 2005 - Kevin, Dave, Mark and Joel spend 10 weeks motorcycling from Lindy Hop City to Lindy Hop City across 13 countries in Europe.

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  • 1 sashapave // Mar 20, 2008 at 10:20 pm

    Well spoken! Thank you for the inspiration.

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